2018 by Julian H. Scaff
Glitchscapes is a collection of panoramic photographs produced by algorithmic malfunctions. Over a period of six years, the author explored the techniques and aesthetics of broken digital panoramas, and delved into the fragmented and subjective nature of perception and memory.

Hardcover Edition
8″ x 10″ archival quality photographic paper / 194 pages
ISBN 9780464911494


Experience Design Workbook
2016 by Julian Scaff and Sofia M. Khan
This is a sketchbook for students and practitioners of the various fields of experience design including UX Design, User Interface Design, and Interaction Design. It also contains handy reference materials, terminology, checklists, and inspirational quotes.

Sketch Your Soundscape
2015 by Julian H. Scaff
As a sound artist, musician, audio editor, DJ, sound producer, foley artist or audiophile your ability to focus on and sense the multilayered complexity of the surrounding soundscape, to build and create original sounscapes are your most critical skills. Sounds tell stories, ignite the imagination and evoke powerful emotions. The ability to discern and create soundscapes from noise offers the artist a broad palette for creative expression. This is a sketchbook for honing those skills.

Facing the Population Challenge: Wisdom from the Elders
2014 by Marilyn Hempel (designed by Julian H. Scaff)
This book is for all who have ever pondered the fate of humanity and the biosphere and asked, “What can I do?” Fifteen elders—giants in the field of human population and development—share their vision of a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Drawing from many decades of practical experience and deep knowledge, they trace the contours of rapid population growth, its socioeconomic and environmental challenges, and the lessons they have learned in dealing with these challenges. They go on to lay out concrete actions that can move our civilization forward to a future of wanted children, empowered women, and an economy that works within restored ecosystems. Features chapters by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, Malcolm Potts, Donald A. Collins, David Poindexter, William N. Ryerson, Linn Duvall Harwell, Sarah G. Epstein, Robert Gillespie, Martha Campbell, Lester R. Brown, Lindsey Grant, David Pimentel and Marcia Pimentel, Paul R. Ehrlich and Anne H. Ehrlich.

Jamal and Damilola: A Nigerian Banking Scam Romance
2013 by Julian H. Scaff
Jamal and Damilola is a cross-genre art book existing as art object, performance, and cultural inquiry.  It lays out, in detailed exchange, the online romance between Jamal Skaff, a Lebanese party-loving resident of Ibiza, and Damilola Sodipo, a lost, yearning-for-true-love young woman claiming to be Scottish but who is in fact (probably) a young man running banking scams out of Lagos, Nigeria.  The book documents their humorous and at times non-sensical ‘relationship’, exploring the constructed narratives of banking scams, via an amorphous online body politic which is connected and yet simultaneously disconnected.